The SIMDAT project aims at developing generic grid technology for the solution of complex application problems and using this new technology in several industrial application sectors.

SIMDAT focuses on the following four application areas: product design in automotive, aerospace and pharma industries as well as a service provision in meteorology. Seven key technology layers have been identified as important to achieving SIMDAT’s objectives: integrated grid infrastructure, distributed data access; management of virtual organisations, scientific workflow; ontologies; integration of analysis services, knowledge services.

The federation of industrial problem-solving environments for product and process design will allow a seamless transition towards grid technology for key industrial sectors. SIMDAT will therefore improve the usability of grid technology in engineering, life sciences and earth system modeling and foster grid uptake in these and other domains with comparable needs for data handling and knowledge discovery. SIMDAT will furthermore help to drive the revolutionary transformation of computing paradigms from explicit use of data resources towards the virtualization and federation of these resources.

SCAI is in charge of the overall coordination of SIMDAT. In addition SCAI will work on knowledge mining for automotive simulation results, on the mediation of automotive simulation data bases using ontologies and on the mediation of pharma data using ontologies.