Dennis Hoppe

Dennis Hoppe is heading the department SANE for service management and business processes at HLRS. After he received his master’s degree in computer science and media in 2010 from the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Mr. Hoppe was employed as a research assistant at the Bauhaus-University until 2012. In Weimar, he participated in national research projects such as CAIR,
where he gained a strong background in information retrieval, data mining, and big data analytics. Before joining HLRS in 2014, Dennis Hoppe worked as a software engineer at ePages, the leading cloud-based e-commerce solution provider in Europe. Since joining HLRS in 2014, Mr. Hoppe has been involved in multiple European research projects such as EXCESS and DreamCloud
(monitoring, resource allocation, and energy efficiency) and PaaSage (cloud deployment and scaling). He is currently coordinating the high-performance data analytics project CATALYST at HLRS in cooperation with the HPC manufacturer Cray towards the convergence of AI and HPC.