SCAIView – Knowledge-Discovery-Software


  • A user-friendly search environment
  • Fast and accurate search and retrievals
  • Visualization and ranking of the most relevant entities and documents
  • Exportation of the search results in various file formats

Software SCAIView

The information retrieval system SCAIView allows for semantic searches in large text collections by combining free text searches with the ontological representations of entities derived by ProMiner.

SCAIView Homepage

For more information please visit the archived web page.

Documents are retrieved by precisely formulated questions using ontological representations of biomedical entities. The entities are embedded in searchable hierarchies and span from genes, proteins, accompanied single-nucleotice polymorphisms to chemical compounds and medical terminologies. SCAIView supports the selection of the suitable entities by an autocompletion functionality and a knowledge base for each entity. This includes a description of the entity, structural information, pathways and links to relevant biomedical databases like EntrezGenedbSNPKEGGGO and DrugBank. SCAIView represents the search results using a color-coded highlighting of the different entity-classes, statistical search results and various ranking functions.