In the Department of Numerical Software we offer:

  • Software that accelerates available simulation packages. It is based on highly efficient hierarchical numerical solution techniques, which can be directly integrated into existing simulation programs.
  • Licensing of software, including consulting and support.
  • Analysis and advice on application problems as well as tailoring of software to our customers´ computer systems.
  • Performance analyses of numerical methods for solving large differential equations.



SAMG is a software package for the highly efficient numerical solution of large sparse matrix problems. These problems occur in application areas such as fluid flow, structural mechanics, oil reservoir and ground water simulation, casting and molding, process and device simulation in solid state physics and circuit simulation. SAMG's solver modules incorporate modern hierarchical techniques (algebraic multigrid, AMG), making them especially suitable for solving large classes of discretised elliptic differential equations. Compared to classical solution methods, SAMG's solver modules have a major advantage in that they are numerically scalable. That is, the computational cost is only linearly proportional to the number of unknowns.