Services and fast solver technologies

Our research and development primarily serves the goal of improving and opening new fields of application for simulation software. We offer many years of numerical, algorithmic and informatics experience for increasing the computational efficiency of simulation software.

For full-spectrum industrial simulations, the solving of extremely large systems of equations plays a central role. For these, the solution time determines whether a method is practicable. Researching and developing numerical algorithms which solve such systems of equations at an optimal speed (scalable solvers) has been one of our central themes for many years. We have extensive experience with modern hierarchical algorithms (multigrid and general multilevel algorithms), and in particular with their deployment in industrial simulation software. The highly efficient solver modules of our programme package SAMG have already been integrated into many commercial software products. Their areas of application include fluid dynamics, oil reservoir and ground water simulation, casting and molding, process and device simulation in semiconductor physics, structural mechanics and circuit simulation.



Numerical flow simulation
© Volkswagen AG
Numerical flow simulation around a complete vehicle.
Illustration of different wells and surface facilities
© Society of Petroleum Engineers
Exemplary illustration of different wells and surface facilities of an off-shore field
Oil, water and gas production simulation
© CMG Ltd., Calgary, Canada
Vertical permeability of an irregularly shaped reservoir for an oil, water and gas production simulation.