Business Areas

Fraunhofer SCAI develops customer-oriented applications and conducts research in the following fields:



In this business area, SCAI develops software products that allow their users to: make the most of human and material resources, maximize the utilization of manufacturing facilities or minimize transport costs.



The business area develops solutions in the research fields of software and scientific computing, applied semantics, and AI and data science for customers from industry and academia.



Here, SCAI provides solutions for engineers who solve multiphysics problems in product and process design. The MpCCI Coupling Environment is an application-independent interface for the direct coupling of different simulation codes.  


Numerical Data-Driven Prediction

This research group develops and investigates efficient algorithms for predicting the future behavior based on automatically collected data.


High Performance Computing

SCAI's HPC team develops methods, tools and software for the efficient utilization of highly parallel multi- und many-core-systems as well as heterogeneous systems.


Network Evaluation Technologies

Here, we focus on network analysis, simulation and optimization applied, e.g., to gas transport, cooling circuits or energy distribution, and on robust design.


Fast Solvers

The core competence in this research field is the development of highly efficient numerical methods and corresponding software products for the solution of large systems of equations, for example with millions of unknowns.


Virtual Material Design

Using modern multiscale methods and large parallel computers, this research group develops and investigates new materials with interesting properties, before the material has been synthesized in the lab.


Computational Finance

This research group develops highly efficient and robust numerical algorithms which determine the risks generated by financial products with high accuracy and, at the same time, require substantially less computing times than other methods.


Meshfree Multiscale Methods

Here, SCAI develops innovative efficient multiscale methods, which predict material failure or compute the fracture behavior of large construction elements.