The software AutoBarSizer generates optimized layouts for the cutting of stock items, namely steel profiles (metal beams) and other bars and rods, into shorter pieces.



AutoPanelSizer computes an efficient placement of rectangular pieces on rectangular sheets if the saw can only perform complete rectangular cuts.



AutoNester-T optimizes the automatic placement of markers onto fabric panels. By configuring the optimal nesting pattern, the software minimizes the amount of wasted fabric.



AutoNester-L creates automatically optimized markers for leather hides. The software nests the pieces optimally in a very short time, minimizes wasted material.



PackAssistant is the leading software in the field of optimizing packing configurations of identical parts into containers. PackAssistant­ can compute and display the exact 3D arrangement of parts with complex shapes.



CutPlanner is used in the textile manufacturing­ industry for automatic cut order planning. CutPlanner takes a customer’s­ order for a clothing item and creates a cut plan for it, including different sizes, fabric types, or colors.



AutoCompactor is used for the compaction of two-dimensional­ nests. It compacts markers generated­ by humans or automatic nesting software. The software is intended to enhance the nesting functionality of AutoNester.



CuboNester optimizes the arrangement of cuboid parts in three dimensions. CuboNester-C is designed for cutting blocks of material, for example, from metal, marble, graphite, and foam.



CuboNester optimizes the arrangement of cuboid parts in three dimensions. CuboNester-P optimizes packing, for example, of disassembled furniture into packages.


MpCCI CouplingEnvironment

The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment links simulation programs, thereby solving multidisciplinary problems. The software supports the leading industria­l simulation tools.  


MpCCI Mapper

The MpCCI Mapper supports complex simulation workflows and process chains involving multiple FEM packages. The software handles data interpolation and data conversion between the codes.  



The MpCCI FSIMapper interpolates the data between different simulation meshes used for CFD- or FEM-simulations, taking care of different mesh densities or orders.



SAMG is a software packages for the highly efficient solution of large linear systems of equations with sparse matrices. SAMG uses modern hierarchical algorithms (algebraic multigrid). 




DesParO is a toolbox for the intuitive exploration, automatic analysis, and optimization of parameterized problems in production­ processes. DesParO can be coupled with simulation programs­ or data from physical experiments.



MYNTS is a multiphysical network simulator for electrical circuits, gas and energy transport, and water distribution. It models networks as systems of differential­-algebraic equations­.  



net'O'graph is a software library for the analysis and manipulation of networks and graphs, which provides efficient routines for large graphs, special support for transport networks and built-in drivers for several formats.



chemoCR makes chemical information contained in depictions of chemical structures accessible as connection table for computer programs.



SCAIView is a knowledge discovery software for the life sciences. It facilitates­ the rapid identification of aggregate­d information from large text sources.  



ProMiner identifies and normalizes the names of genes and proteins­ in scientific literature. This identification is based on automatically­ generated dictionaries­.



BEL Information Extraction workFlow. BELIEF is a web-based application to extract causal relations from English scientific texts.  



The Biological Knowledge Miner (BiK>Mi) is a comprehensive user interface for exploring the annotated and enriched knowledge graphs generated by e(BE:L).


The STUDY VIEWER is an interactive information portal for clinical studies, which was developed in the EPAD project. It allows to study the change of clinical variables over time compared to the progression of the disease.



Tremolo-X is a massively parallel and highly efficient software package for numerical simulation­ in molecular dynamics­.  



The ModelCompare plug-in for finite element method (FEM) pre- and post- ­processing tools ­provides­­ a comparison of two similarly discretized FE models and ­portrays their differences in terms of ­geometry­ (mesh), material-ID and thickness.



SimCompare is a tool for detecting events – in this context deviations, such as anomalies or strange variations in deformations – arising in the results of similar simulation runs for crashworthiness analysis using finite element (FE) models.



SimExplore is a software tool for explorative analyses and visualizing engineering data from FEM or CFD simulations. By applying non-linear dimension reduction, intrinsic patterns and similarities in the data can be identified.



In common simulation workflows, the preprocessing step of grid generation and grid adaption is time consuming and leads to substantial costs in product development. With MESHFREE, the Fraunhofer institutes ITWM and SCAI have developed a solution that follows an innovative point cloud approach which allows engineers to analyze their product design without the deficiencies that come along with meshes.

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