SCAIView is a knowledge discovery software for the life sciences. It allows the fast finding of aggregated information from large text sources. For this, it integrates the results of ProMiner with the associated text and allows semantic search.


ProMiner is a tool for the identification of biological, medical or chemical named entities in scientific text. The identification of biological entities in ProMiner is based on a dictionary approach. These dictionaries are generated and curated automatically. ProMiner can work with voluminous dictionaries, complex thesauri and large controlled vocabularies derived from ontologies.


chemoCR is a system for the reconstruction of chemical information from chemical structure depictions. This tool has been developed to make one of the largest sources of chemical information accessible: the information communicated through images containing chemical structure depictions. Although communication of chemical information through images is quite common amongst chemists, the information contained in images could not be used by machines. chemoCR solves this problem by reconstructing chemical information from images.


elasticLM is a novel technology for creating and managing software licenses designed for distributed computing environments like grids, clouds or SoA. Of course, the benefits of elasticLM are also available when using elasticLM for applications running on local resources, e.g. workstations or clusters.