SCAI VIEW is a knowledge discovery software for the life sciences. It allows the quick retrieval of aggregated information from large amounts of text. For this purpose SCAI VIEW integrates the extracted information from PRO MINER with the corresponding texts and allows a semantic search.




The PRO MINER software identifies all kinds of biomedical entities (eg. gene and protein names) in scientific texts. The identification is based on automatically generated and curated dictionaries. PRO MINER's dictionary for "Homo Sapiens" already contains 18,000 entries and 670,000 synonyms.




BEL Information Extraction workFlow. BELIEF is a web-based application to extract causal relations from English scientific texts. Uploaded texts are sent directly to a text mining pipeline and after processing are displayed for manual curation. The results are displayed in the modeling language BEL (Biological Expression Language) and can be corrected by the users before saving as a biological network.


BEL Commons

BEL COMMONS is a workflow and software framework for the acquisition and development of biomedical knowledge and models as a knowledge graph in the context of large scale curation projects. It allows to extract knowledge (causal and correlative relationships) from scientific literature and to store it as human readable BEL (Biological Expression Language) documents.



The STUDY VIEWER is an interactive information portal for clinical studies, which was developed in the EPAD project. It allows to study the change of clinical variables over time compared to the progression of the disease. The tool allows the comparison of hypothetical longitudinal models (such as Clifford Jack et al.) with real data from clinical studies such as ADNI.