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Fraunhofer SCAI

Fraunhofer SCAI develops innovative methods in Computational Science and actively supports their take-up in industrial practice. The institute combines mathematical and computational knowledge with a focus on algorithms – bringing benefits to customers and partners.

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Software AutoBarSizer

Generate optimized layouts for the cutting of stock items, namely steel profiles (metal beams) and other bars and rods.

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Organising Knowledge about Neurodegenerative Disease Mechanisms for the Improvement of Drug Development and Therapy.

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Closer to Reality

Wind turbines, airplanes and artificial heart valves are examples for structures, whose development requires the solution of coupled fluid dynamics and structural mechanics problems, or – more generally – multidisciplinary problems. The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment provides a framework for the solution of multidisciplinary applications.

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Secure human-robot collaboration using high-resolution radars

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Creating New Materials

TREMOLO-X is a powerful software package used for the numerical simulation of interactions between atoms and molecules, the molecular dynamics. It provides the environment to design new innovative materials. TREMOLO-X is successfully applied in many projects in nanotechnology, material science, biochemistry and biophysics.

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The VMAP project

aims to gain a common understanding of and interoperable definitions for virtual material models in CAE. Using industrial use cases from major material domains and with representative manufacturing processes, new concepts will be created for a universal material exchange interface for virtual engineering workflows.

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Optimizing Energy Networks

In order to enable and increase the use of renewable energy, the German government supports the modernization and building of thousands of kilometers of new electricity networks. SCAI's software package MYNTS analyzes and optimizes transport networks for electricity, gas and water right from the design stage, makes upgrading more flexible and reduces energy consumption and costs.

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Software AutoPanelSizer

AutoPanelSizer provides an answer to the question of how to place rectangular parts on rectangular plates as efficiently as possible.

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Software and Services for the Automotive Industry

Fraunhofer SCAI cooperates with manufacturers and suppliers from the automotive industry in many areas.


Machine Learning

Press - 11/06/2018

Better planning with innovative algorithms

How can the enormous challenges of ambulatory care and logistics services be overcome?

Press - 13/03/2018


Process simulation for the food industry.


With MESHFREE, we meet the challenges of the food industry with innovative ­simulation.

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