Software in the Business Area Network Evaluation Technologies



We develop a framework for multiphysical simulation of networks called MYNTS. Exemplary configurations:

  • MYNTS-Circuit for circuit simulation with tightly integrated device simulation
  • MYNTS-Gas for gas transport simulation


net'O'graph is a software library with drivers for analysis and manipulation of networks and graphs. Features include graph reduction, input-output analysis and network decomposition, symmetrizing and directing as well as graph matching.



DesParO is a software package for intuitive exploration and automatic analysis and optimization of parametrized problems. DesParO can be coupled with simulation packages or used for measurement data. In particular, it keeps the number of simulations / experiments small which are needed for analysis or optimization.  

The department develops and offers software solutions for:

  • exploration, statistical analysis and robust multiobjective optimization for parameter-dependent applications;
  • simulation analysis and optimization for networks, e.g. electrical circuits and devices, gas transport, etc.

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Kathrin Viertel


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