High Performance Computing



LAMA is a software framework for the development of hardware-independent code. LAMA enables the development of fast and scalable software which rund efficiently on nearly every computer architecture.


We develop solutions to make computationally intensive algorithms efficiently executable on different hardware. Target architectures include embedded systems, multi-core PCs, workstations and graphics processors and supercomputers.   


Quantum computing

Quantum computers promise to solve certain problems orders of magnitude faster than conventional digital computers. However, this requires new algorithms and solution methods.


Current projects deal with the intelligent control of machines, the evaluation of satellite data and the optimization of complex simulation programs.

Computer simulation accelerates the design of products and helps to optimize processes. This reduces time for development, saves real experiments and leads to better constructions of prototypes – to summarize: it reduces costs.

SCAI offers studies, order computations as well as development of software and algorithms. We use standard simulation tools adjusted to the needs of our customers. Our service ranges from modeling the application problem and choosing adequate simulation tools and methods to computations on high performance computers. Analysis and visualization complete our offer. Moreover, we are concerned about a seamless and time-saving integration of different simulation tools: data transfer, data management, steering and workflow.

In the area of High Performance Computing we develop algorithms, adapt software to different hardware architectures - from multicore PCs to high performance computers - and take care for an optimal implementation and high efficiency of the application. In summary, we develop methods and software in the areas of High Performance Computing and Distributed Computing.