PackAssistant – Optimized 3D-Packaging Design


  • enables packaging planning of complex parts
  • avoids time-consuming packing tests
  • allows early-stage transport, container and storage planning

Software PackAssistant


PackAssistant finds the optimal arrangement of identical parts in standard containers.


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If you are interested in PackAssistant, we would be happy to help you test it with your own components. PackAssistant runs on any Windows computer and is easy to install.


Please message and we will contact you as soon as possible. You will then receive a time-limited test license and the password for downloading the software.

The development of packaging solutions for the safe and efficient transportation of parts of cars, machinery or equipment from suppliers to the assembly line was previously an expensive fiddly job. Now the optimization software PackAssistant calculates the ideal filling of transport boxes with identical parts in a few minutes. The utilization of (storage or transport) containers based on the filling schemes computed by PackAssistant is far higher than solutions realized by even experienced packing designers. PackAssistant is in use worldwide especially in the automotive industry by numerous manufacturers and suppliers. Since the software can already be applied while the prototype is still under construction in the CAD-system, transport and storage can be planned early, fast and reliably.

PackAssistant enables the user to handle different types of packaging. These include packing with solid or flexible intermediate layers, with compartments or in stacks, and the simulation of loose goods.

The utilization of space calculated by PackAssistant usually excels that of experienced human planners. The software can be used at the same time while the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) of the parts to be packed is still going on, and thus enables early, rapid and reliable planning of transportation and storage of parts.

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CuboNester optimizes the arrangement of cuboid parts in three dimensions. CuboNester-P optimizes packing, for example, of disassembled furniture into packages.



3D nesting is about arranging objects as good as possible in cuboid containers. The objects themselves do not have to be cuboids, but can be objects of any complexity.