Application FAQ

FAQ – Applying for a job at Fraunhofer SCAI

Where do I find the job openings at Fraunhofer?

Current job openings are listed in our Web sites under Career. A list of all job offers at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is available at:

What is the best way to get in touch with the institute?

Please understand that we can only consider applications that are submitted via our online application portal. Unfortunately, applications that reach us by other means cannot be processed.

If you have any questions regarding our job offers, please contact the respective contact person directly.

Students, Doctoral Students

What types of involvement for students do you offer?

We offer jobs as:

  • Interns (e.g. as part of a Praxissemester);
  • Student Assistants.

We also offer the opportunity to conduct R&D for a bachelor thesis, master thesis, Diplomarbeit or doctoral dissertation.


Are these jobs restricted to students in specific fields?

The Fraunhofer Institute SCAI mostly hire science or engineering students. Students in other fields are invited to apply for suitable jobs or to submit a detailed research proposal.


What is the first step in applying for a student job?

First of all, please take a look at our website to find out in detail about the business areas and topics of the Institute that correspond to your academic interests. We only offer explicit positions for students on a very irregular basis, so please feel free to use the opportunity to apply unsolicited.


What should I mention in an unsolicited job application?

Please make sure that your application or inquiry is as concrete and targeted as possible. In any case, your information should indicate which field of study you are taking, in which semester you are studying, from when and in which period you would like to work for us. Please also describe how you would like to work at the institute in light of your previous knowledge.
To the unsolicited applications


Are there any deadlines?

There is no general application deadline for student employment. However, please note that there are different lead times depending on the type of employment.


What do I have to consider when planning to write my final thesis at a Fraunhofer Institute?

Please clarify in advance of your application whether and under what conditions your university allows externally supported theses. You will then have the opportunity to contact us with concrete suggestions for topics. Please understand that due to the large number of applicants, we are unable to answer unspecific questions regarding theses.

Please address your specific enquiry to the contact persons of the respective business areas or research groups mentioned on the web pages.


Whom do I contact with a general inquiry about internships?

Ms. Martina Liebe is responsible for the supervision of interns at the Fraunhofer Institute Center Schloss Birlinghoven:
Phone 02241-14 2599


As a doctoral student, how do I apply for a job at Fraunhofer SCAI?

Please visit our website to find out about suitable vacancies for doctoral students. As a rule, you can also apply for positions for research assistants and, depending on the topic and requirements, implement your doctoral project in parallel. Please address your specific request to the contact persons of the respective business areas or research groups mentioned on the website.


General information

Will my travel expenses for an interview be refunded?

If we invite you for an interview, long-distance travel expenses can be reimbursed under certain conditions and rules. Travel expenses of applicants from the Bonn–Cologne area will not be refunded. For details please contact us ahead of the interview.