Professional software packages for packing and cutting problems



PackAssistant is a software package for packing equal, highly complex components into boxes and containers.



AutoNester-T is a software package for automatic marker making on fabrics, sheet metal or wood. It is widely used in the garment and upholstery manufacturing industry.



AutoNester-L is a software package for automatic marker making on leather hides. It is widely used in the leather and car manufacturing industry.



AutoCompactor is a software used for compaction of two-dimensional nests. It compacts markers generated by humans or automatic nesting software.



CutPlanner is a software package for use in the textile manufacturing industry for automatic cut order planning.



AutoPanelSizer gives an answer to the question how rectangular pieces can be placed efficiently on rectangular sheets if the saw can only perform complete rectangular cuts.  



The software AutoBarSizer generates optimized layouts for the cutting of stock items, namely steel profiles (metal beams) and other bars and rods, into shorter pieces.

One suite of software packages is available for the automatic generation of cutting images – sometimes called marker making – for one-dimensional bar-shaped or two-dimensional planar pieces. The software is widely used for generating high-quality solutions on fabric (e.g. clothing, upholstery), leather (e.g. upholstery, shoes), sheet metal (e.g. cars, machines), wood plates (e.g. furniture, houses) or bars and rods (e.g. steel profiles). The goal is to minimize the amount of wasted material. The software is equipped with many professional features and constraints that are necessary for the practical use in the special application areas. The other suite of packages deals with the three-dimensional packing of equal and highly complex shaped parts into boxes and containers. Our software is widely used in the automotive and component supplying industry.

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