AutoNester-L – Optimized markers for leather hides


  • increasing productivity
  • minimizing wasted material
  • takes into account various requirements
  • competitive to experienced human nesters
  • to be used as a developer's tool kit


Software AutoNester-L

AutoNester-L creates automatically optimized markers for leather hides. The software nests the pieces optimally in a very short time, minimizes wasted material, while adhering to various constraints.

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Further information

The info sheet provides you with all the information about AutoNester-L in a clear and printable format.

AutoNester-L is a software package for automatic marker making on leather hides. For other materials than leather, we refer to our software package AutoNester-T.

AutoNester-L is widely used in the leather and car manufacturing industry. It is able to nest any set of pieces within a very short time in an optimal way, minimizing wasted material, while taking into account various types of constraints. The efficiency of the markers achieved by AutoNester-L is competitive to experienced human nesters.

The AutoNester-L software is organized as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) to be used as a developer's tool kit. Developers of CAD-systems can integrate AutoNester-L into their software.

We also offer the creation of custom-made standalone applications for the end user which can be used to create markers from special data formats.


Up to 16 different quality levels of the leather

Quality zones on the pieces and the surfaces

Holes in the surface

Free rotation of the pieces

Nests on several skins at the same time


The following markers have been calculated by the AutoNester-L software package. All runtimes refer to a standard PC.

The colors in the pieces and the leather hide mark different quality levels. Blue marks the best quality on a leather hide and the premium quality requirement on a piece, followed by pink, red and yellow marks the lowest quality and auality requirement. Black marks holes.

The pieces must be placed on the surface such that each part of a piece which has a certain quality requirement lies on a region of the surface which is of the same or higher quality.

The picture shows a leather hide
© Fraunhofer SCAI
The picture shows a leather hide. Holes are marked black, minor quality of the leather is marked by red shades.
furniture industry (upholstered furniture)
© Fraunhofer SCAI
This pictures shows a data set of the furniture industry (upholstered furniture). Parts with such forms have to be cut from the leather hide.
corresponding marker for the upholstered furniture
© Fraunhofer SCAI
This picture shows the corresponding marker for the upholstered furniture. It was computed by AuoNester-L. 30 parts were cut. The efficiency is 83%. The computing time on a standard PC was half a minute.


AutoNester-L combines many of the latest optimization techniques in order to achieve the best results in a very short time. We use local search algorithms based on new variants of Simulated Annealing, multiply iterated greedy strategies, paired with efficient heuristics, pattern recognition techniques and fast Minkowski sum calculators. In the local search algorithms, we use fully dynamic statistical cooling schedules and dynamic parameter choice.


The AutoNester-L software package for automatic marker making on leather hides can be used via an application programming interface. The software package addresses developers of CAD-systems for the leather manufacturing industry. CAD-system developers can easily integrate AutoNester-L into their own CAD-software.

The nesting software runs on the latest Windows operating systems.


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