Professional software solutions for simulation coupling and data transmission.

Application Areas

  • Aerodynamics and aeroelasticity
  • Automotive thermal management
  • Vehicle dynamics and crash safety
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Simulation for life science applications


Multiphysics simulation still is an open and active field of research with respect to numerical algorithms as well as modelling of the combined physical effects.

The business area Multiphysics develops methods and software solutions for tasks in which effects from several physical disciplines have to be considered.

The core of the work is the development of the coupling environment MpCCI Coupling Environment. It provides a vendor-neutral solution for coupled simulations and file-based data transfer. MpCCI supports a large number of commercial codes and research codes in engineering. MpCCI is distributed by scapos AG.

The main topics of the business area Multiphysics conducts are:

  • Development and improvement of the MpCCI interface software and the internal algorithms
  • Development of domain-specific multiphysics solutions
  • Industrial engineering services and advanced research and development projects on new topics in the field of multiphysics

MpCCI Coupling Environment has an open interface to application programs (APIs) that can be used to link internal or new commercial codes.