Software library MYNTS-T


MYNTS-T lets you quickly formulate transport network problems. The software uses a linguistic approach to translate between two domain-specific languages.

Special features

  • rapid algorithm to translate between two domain-specific languages (DSL)
  • Example: Translation between a network description language (e.g., NetList, used by the network simulation community) and a problem description language that is understood by generic non-linear solvers (e.g., IPOPT)
  • algorithm allows elementwise separation and can be massively parallelized
  • software written in C++ 

About software

With MYNTS-T, traffic network problems can be formulated using a linguistic approach as a translation between two domain-specific languages. The input is a graph with network properties and a set of user-defined translation rules. The output is a problem description in the form of a system of nonlinear equations suitable for generic nonlinear solvers. The translation algorithm has a computational complexity that is linear with the size of the graph and the number of equations per element. The algorithm allows element-wise separation and can be massively parallelized. The algorithm's viability and performance have been tested on several realistic examples, including gas transmission, power grids, water supply, cooling circuits, and multisector coupling.