Strategic Topics

Strategic R&D topics which are of major importance for our own business and which are not yet fully embedded in a publicly funded R&D project or license-funded product development

  • Smart Coupling – The goal is the realization of application-specific MpCCI extensions for the modeling of manufacturing processes. .
  • Smart Digital Twins aims to build the groundwork and a software toolbox for the integration of Multiphysics simulations and measurements with AI in Digital Twins for manufacturing.
  • Smarter workflows … .
  • and further topics

Smart Coupling Configurator

Goal is the realization of domain-specific and AI-assisted solutions to evaluate multiphysics simulation models. The smart coupling configurators will enable more robust and more efficient coupled calculations.

Smart Digital Twins


Strategic topic is the creation of an open framework of ontology systems for manufacturing and product design purposes. Being involved in multiple R&D projects, ontology development will be strongly linked to other public concepts.

Interoperability and Standards

There is a strong need for more interdisciplinary engineering work and interoperability of software solutions. Software and interface standards are important enablers for more cooperation.

Hybrid Surrogate Modelling

A surrogate model is an engineering method used when an outcome of interest cannot be easily measured directly, so a model of the outcome is used instead.