Fast Solvers



Software solutions that accelerate simulation programs


  • Services for fast solver technologies
  • Acceleration of computer simulation applications
  • Increasing the computing efficiency of simulation software

Fields of Research

  • Numerical solution techniques for large systems of equations
  • Performance analyses
  • Evaluation of modern hardware (clusters, multicore, GPU)

The use and impact of numerical simulation for virtual product development and understanding product properties are continuously growing. More refined methods and software are required to analyze, evaluate and optimize simulation results. SCAI develops new technologies in numerical analysis and in information technology which help reduce the computational time for numerical simulation without sacrificing the detailed modeling and high resolution of the simulation.

The core aspects of research and development are new methods and tools that enable more efficient use of industrial software. This includes the development of highly efficient numerical methods for the optimal and scalable solution of large systems of linear equations.


New Publication:

Ehrmann, S., Gries, S. and Schweitzer, M. A.:Transition of Algebraic Multiscale to Algebraic Multigrid, ECMOR, September 2018