Products in the Business Area Numerical Data-Driven Prediction



The ModelCompare plug-in for finite element methods provides­­ a comparison of two similarly discretized FE models and ­portrays their differences in terms of ­geometry­ (mesh), material-ID and thickness.



DesParO is a toolbox for the intuitive exploration, automatic analysis, and optimization of parameterized problems in production­ processes. DesParO can be coupled with simulation programs­ or data from physical experiments.



SimCompare is a tool for detecting events – in this context deviations, such as anomalies or strange variations in deformations – arising in the results of similar simulation runs for crashworthiness analysis using finite element (FE) models.



SimExplore is a software tool for explorative analyses and visualizing engineering data from FEM or CFD simulations. By applying non-linear dimension reduction, intrinsic patterns and similarities in the data can be identified.