Services for SMEs using HPC Clouds for simulations.

Fortissimo MORE.Cloud und StamHPC

Fraunhofer SCAI participated in two experiments: MORE.Cloud and StamHPC.
SCAI contributed its license management software elasticLM and supported the simulation code owners (ISVs) to replace their existing license management solution with elasticLM for use in the HPC Clouds. As a result, the SME manufacturing companies can benefit from running their simulation in the HPC Cloud environment. The benefits are faster simulations or higher accuracy at lower costs and increased flexibility. For the ISVs the use of elasticLM allows offering new business models optimised for Cloud resources. At the heart of Fortissimo are one-stop-shop solutions that can be offered by ISVs and service providers to their customers, initially based on the outcome of the experiments. The one-stop-shop solutions are realised through Fortissimo’s sustainable market place.

The follow-up project Fortissimo 2 started November 2015 with new experiments in which SCAI participates. 

Project duration

November 2015 to October 2018