BRIDGE – Bilateral Research and Industrial Development Enhancing and Integrating GRID Enabled Technologies

BRIDGE is a project funded by the EU under the FP6-IST programme. The project started in January 2007 and is scheduled for 2 years.

CNGRID and SIMDAT are major ongoning projects in China as well as in the European Community. Both projects aim at the improvements of existing grid infrastructures driven by concerte application use cases. BRIDGE will develop an interoperability interface between the CNGRID and SIMDAT infrastructure, which allows in particular the execution of distributed workflows as well as access to distributed data repositories. Remote access to specific analysis services will allow the actual and controlled usage of these analysis services for product and process development without disclosing all details.

Three application scenarios will be used to demonstrate cooperative design, simulation and data access between European and Chinese partners.

Application Scenario 1:Simulation and Design in Aerospace Industries
Implementation of a distributed optimization workflow for multidisciplinary helicopter cabin designs using simulation modules from EADS and AVIC II.

Application Scenario 2: Environmental Disaster Prediction
The scenario is a distributed retrieval system for weather prediction results. The project should provide some resources for mutual access of a data base repository containing simulation results.

Application Scenario 3: Drug Discovery
The scenario is a distributed docking workflow involving docking tools from Chinese participants as well as docking tools from European participants aiming at an improved result by combining results of several docking tools for the same targets.

The Department of Bioinformatics of Fraunhofer SCAI is involved in application scenario 3.