Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT

Why is the response to a call of the European Commission for reinforcing European presence in international ICT standardisation, following an analysis of the current standards landscape showing that only 37% of the different WGs are European and that EU influence is much less in data (33%) cloud computing (29%) and cybersecurity (27%). focuses on the five domains the EC has identified for being crucial to successfully implement the Digital Single Market: Cloud Computing, IoT, Big Data, Cyber Security, and 5G. looks to redress this imbalance by providing funding opportunities for long-term European contributions to WGs including holding chair or co-chair positions. is a 24 month’s project (started 1 Jan 2018) with the two partners Trust-IT Services (project coordinator) and Fraunhofer SCAI.


The Consortium Network

The Consortium Network

The project will

  • Monitor and gather information on the on-going work from the relevant international and global standards developing organisations (SDOs)
  • Set up, manage and facilitate an open call designed to support the participation and contribution of EU specialists in key SDOs
  • Create positive impact on business and research opportunities from ICT standardisation through its six motivational drivers
  • Set up an influential Expert Advisory Group (EAG) and External Pool of Evaluators (EPE) to support the project’s rigorous activities.

By setting up, managing and monitoring a continuous open call, will provide a streamlined process supporting the participation and contribution of EU specialists in SDOs and SSOs in the 5 essential building blocks of the Digital Single Market. The call is open to all Standards Specialists from Academia & Research, Private Sector: SMEs & Large Enterprise, NTAs and other Industry Associations. offers the following opportunities for experts

LT – Long term contributions (with travel option): Contribution to ongoing standards development as chair or member of an SDO WG. E.g. comments on standards development and drafts, attending meetings, paying membership fees, with a duration up to 12 months and a funding range between €5,000 - €8,000.

ST – Short-Term contributions (with travel option): Contribution to standards documentation e.g. liaison to WG, comments on standards drafts, participation at meeting paying membership fees, with a duration between 1 month and 6 months and a funding range between €1,000 - €5,000.

OS – One-Shot (Event participation): Support to ensure participation at workshop or event (e.g., participant, observer, presentation), ad-hoc for event participation and a funding range between €1.000 - €3,000. in a nutshell

If you are an expert with interest working on STANDARDS for

  • Cloud Computing, IoT, 5G, Cybersecurity or Big Data
  • Verticals: Finance, Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation
  • apply for Open Call Grants to become an expert evaluator at

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