net'O'graph - Software Library for Analysis of Networks and Graphs

net'O'graph is a software library written in C++ for the analysis and manipulation of networks and graphs. Its functionality includes:

  • manipulation:
    • symmetrization of directed graphs
    • setup of graph directed w.r.t. selected »entries«, for instance supply nodes of a gas transport network
    • reduction of graphs based on selectable rules
  • analysis:
    • matching of two graphs
    • computation of connected parts of a graph
    • computation of »ego network« of a selected node, particularly for a supply node (all nodes which can be reached starting from selected node)
    • computation of passive (supply-node-free) parts of a graph
    • statistical information
  • placement (layout)

Efficient routines for large graphs, special support for transport networks as well as built-in drivers for several formats characterize the software product.


Sketch of two graphs (gas transport networks) which shall be matched.