Fluid-structure interaction with large deformations and changes in volume

One additional problem in fluid-structure interactions are the necessary changes in the mesh used by the flow solver due to changing boundary geometry of the solution area. With strong volume changes, the grid must be gradually rebuilt or refined/ coarsened with adaptive methods. Even small deformations require at least the use of a mesh-morphing algorithm for the grid.

With the meshless SPH-method these restrictions are eliminated, as the shown example illustrates.

Here a liquid is pressed into a tubular impermeable membrane made out of hyper-elastic material. The hose is closed at the lower end by a rigid lid. Under the pressure of the liquid, the hose blows up symmetrically at the beginning, and finally buckles. 

Copyright: Fraunhofer IWM

This is a co-simulation between SimPARTIX® and Abaqus / Explicit.