Application Areas

Aeroelasticity and Machinery Design

  • Aerodynamics of racing cars
  • Aero-elasticity effects in aircraft design
  • Flexible structures in machinery design

Turbomachinery Applications

  • Blade deformation and its influence to the fluid dynamics
  • Thermal loads resulting from the fluid flow
  • Flow-induced blade vibrations

Vehicle and Machine Dynamics

  • Extreme component loads in misuse cases
  • External fluid loads in vehicle dynamics
  • Vehicle ground interaction

Automotive Thermal Management

  • Best-in-class CFD combined with efficient radiation models
  • Full scale car models
  • Automated CAE processes

Electrical Components

  • Electric arcs in switching devices
  • Cooling of transformers, e-motors, etc
  • Dynamic EMAG-loads for vibration analysis

Micro-Electronic Devices

  • Transfer of thermal results from CFD to thermals stress calculations in FEA

CAE Process Chains and Passive Safety

  • Crashworthiness and durability prediction using integrated CAE process chains
  • Comparing simulation and experimental results

Numerical Simulation in Life Sciences

  • Microchips against prostate cancer
  • Diagnostic methods for sepsis
  • In-vitro toxicology
  • Aortic stent design