ITEA VMAP analytics

Smart Analytics for Multi-Scale Material and Manufacturing Modelling

Project Background

The VMAP analytics project is a follow-up of the VMAP project also under the ITEA umbrella. This project is mainly driven by the Swedish partner, SWERIM AB, which is a metal research institute based in Luleå, Sweden. 

This project mainly focusses on the integration of experimental data within the VMAP Standard and development of the process ontologies to build meaningful connections between the virtual and the simulation domains. The execution of data analytics to provide better correlation techniques is also part of the project scope.

Project Goals

The vision of VMAP analytics is to enable the realisation of smart Digital Twins for materials and manufacturing design tasks. The VMAP analytics interface standard will open the initial VMAP standard for multi-scale models, sensor and measurement data, and information from production machines. VMAP analytics will provide an open ontology for engineering processes in materials and manufacturing design. Together, the interface standard and open ontology will enable broad use of semantic search and artificial intelligence methods in these classical engineering disciplines.

Contributions from Fraunhofer SCAI

  • Use Case Digital-Twin based FSI tests of HDPE parts: SCAI offers an FSI (‘Fluid Structure Interaction’) based application with a focus on plastic parts. Plastic part component design processes may rely on constructing AI modules for adequacy assessment in fluid structure interactions scenarios. Heterogeneous data sources are merged in one ontology-structured distributed data environment for this purpose – and experiments and simulations aligned with the VMAP standard.
  • Concept Development & learning the Implementation of Digital Twin: SCAI’s experience gathered during the DigitalTPC project will largely support us in this domain. The guidelines and best practices learnt will be used and further enhanced to achieve smoother connections between real and virtual domains, hence building more resilient digital twins.
  • Ontology Development & Evaluation Support: To enable a joint and consistent understanding and interpretation of data coming from different sources, an open ontology for material and manufacturing will be developed. This ontology will enable significant use of analytics and AI methods within the project and other engineering applications. This ontology will be made available to the public VMAP community in open-source format.
  • Administrative Support & Consultation: Since SCAI was the project leader of the VMAP project, we have gained sufficient knowledge of the ITEA processes and reviews. We provide this knowledge and consultation service to, the now project leader, SWERIM and support them in many of the ITEA activities including annual reviews and bi-annual Project Progress Report (PPR) deliveries.
  • Bridging the Gap between VMAP & STEP Standard: As part of an internal R&D project, SCAI intends to evaluate the differences between VMAP and the CAE focussed part of the STEP standard. Further to this cause, we will use one of the metal forming use cases from the Swedish partners to build this project. In return, SCAI will contribute heavily to the ontology development which will connect the processes and the product simulations. 

Project Partners

Germany – Fraunhofer SCAI
– Gemit Solutions AB, Morgårdshammar AB, GRÄNGES AB, OVAKO AB, PREVAS, Swerim AB

Funding Information

Fraunhofer SCAI is self-funded. Swedish Partners are funded by Vinnova through the Eureka cluster program ITEA.