Project TurboKeramik

High performance ceramics in small gas turbines

Sustainable and highly efficient energy production through the application of components made of high-performance ceramics in small turbines »TurboKeramik«.


Local combined heat and power stations will gain importance as an efficient energy­ source in the near future. Gas Turbines, which have a rather simple design and low maintenance overheads, will be increasingly deployed for this task. In order to increase­ the efficiency without reducing the reliability, it is intended to apply ceramic materials for the rotor turbine and other relevant­ parts. Ceramic materials, if properly designed, will allow higher operating temperatures as encountered with biogenic fuels­ and decrease­ tip clearances, both leading to an increased effectiveness.

Scope of work SCAI

Fraunhofer SCAI accomplishes fluidmechanical, structural and coupled simulations to ensure operational stability of the ceramic rotor design. This comprises in detail:

  • Coupled thermal analysis of the rotor and stator and adjacent parts with inlet conditions from combustion chamber simulations of Fraunhofer IFF. 
  • FEM-analysis of the tie between ceramic rotor and metal shaft.
  • Structural optimization of the ceramic design.
  • Transient flow and vibration analysis.


Rotor-compressor assembly
© Fraunhofer SCAI
Rotor-compressor assembly
Simulation of the thermal loading of the turbine rotor
© Fraunhofer SCAI
Simulation of the thermal loading of the turbine rotor

Project duration

From March 2012 to July 2016