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Fraunhofer SCAI offers custom-made solutions to development partners and customers for their optimization problems in production and selling. Our offer reaches from the definition and mathematical formulation of the problem, modeling in a simulation environment, the precise consideration of all firm specific boundary conditions, the development and ready position of algorithms and software up to the implementation. Consultation and training round our proposal off.

Service overview

  • selection of standard software packages
  • individual adjustment of the software to the needs of the customer
  • new development of optimization software for difficult problems in industrial and technical applications
  • analysis of problems and development of approaches, by using discrete simulation where required
  • maintenance, servicing and advancement

Material Flow Simulation

Logo Logistiksimulation

Computer-aided simulation of production systems supports the strategic, tactical, and operational management in planning and improving layout, logic, and dimensioning of the whole supply chain. Several options can be compared, and advantageous values for parameters can be determined experimentally. Oftentimes the simulation results inspire to far reaching optimization steps.