Rohan – Reference Ontology Hub with Application Services for Neurosciences

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The aim of the Rohan project is to provide researchers with easier access to important neuroscientific information. A user-friendly platform will be developed to enable users to access all terms related to human brain diseases and related ontologies. Ontologies show how technical terms relate to each other. Among other things, the platform is intended to support biologists, clinical researchers and data scientists.

SCAI provides two application services for the project: OLS-Neuro and SCAIView-Neuro. The ontology server OLS-Neuro provides access to quality-assured ontologies and dictionaries. SCAIView-Neuro uses these ontologies to search for knowledge in publications. It is a special search engine that not only searches for individual technical terms, but also analyses the contents of text passages and graphics. In this way, it can determine whether the information found is relevant to the search query. In addition to texts and graphics, SCAIView-Neuro also searches and analyses data and chemical formulas.

The research project is funded by the European Commission and is part of the work packages of the Human Brain Project. A total of five partners are involved in Rohan.

Project duration: 04/2018 – 03/2020