Corpus for Normalization of Variation Mentions

SNP Corpus Version 1.0 (as of March 17, 2011)

The corpus consists of 296 Medline citations. Citations were screened for mutations using a modified version of MutationFinder. The used regular expressions are available in 'mutationfinder.txt'. The SNPs (also missed by MutationFinder) were manually annotated with the corresponding dbSNP identifier, if available. Mutations without a valid dbSNP identifier were omitted. The corpus consists of 527 mutation rs-pairs. Due to licence restrictions of MEDLINE, abstracts are not contained in the corpus, but can be downloaded from MEDLINE using eUtils. To allow for a reproduction of our corpus, we also provide the original SNP mention in the abstract.

The corpus can be used to assess the performance of algorithms capable of  associating variation mentions with dbSNP identifiers. It is published for academic use only and usage for development of commercial products is not permitted.

Please cite the following paper if you publish or present any research result obtained using this corpus:

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and Martin Hofmann-Apitius and Christoph M. Friedrich},
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