Dr. rer. nat. Alpha Tom Kodamullil

I joined SCAI in 2012 as a student and currently leading the group of Applied Semantics. My research focuses on knowledge graphs around diseases and shared semantics which lay the foundation of data and knowledge interoperability.

Projects: NeuroMMSig, PathMe, VitualBrainCloud

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Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Domingo Fernández

I work as scientist at the Department of Bioinformatics at Fraunhofer SCAI in the context of both academic and industrial projects. My research focuses on better understanding the aetiology of complex disorders by applying and developing statistical and computational methods.

Projects: COMMITMENT, AETIONOMY, Human Brain Pharmacome, VirtualBrainCloud

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Dr. rer. nat. Vanessa Lage-Rupprecht

I am a neurobiologist and joined Fraunhofer SCAI BIO in November 2018. My work focuses on assembly of biomedical document collections suitable for computing and analytics and specification of user requirements in context of biomedical software and user application development.

Human Brain Pharmacome, NRL

Master's and PhD students


Helena Balabin


I am a computer science master's student and joined Fraunhofer SCAI in February 2018. My research covers biomedical natural language processing and machine learning classification of disease stages in Alzheimer's disease.

Projects: IDSN


Vinay Srinivas Bharadhwaj

I joined Fraunhofer in 2019 during my Master's program in the Life Science Informatics program at the University of Bonn as a student researcher. I finished my Master's thesis at SCAI during my time as a student researcher. I am currently working in the field of Knowledge Graphs (KG) and data augmentation using biological network-science.




Rebeca Figueiredo


I am a student at the University of Bonn studying for my Master’s degree in Life Science Informatics. I joined the Fraunhofer SCAI team in 2020.


Projects: CoXPath, ContNeXt


Sepehr Golriz Khatami


I joined the SCAI research group as a researcher assistant in 2015 and continue my work there as PhD student with focus on understanding the aetiology of neurodegenerative diseases by applying and developing machine learning approaches such as Event-Based Modeling and Survival analysis.


Projects: AETIONOMY, VirtualBrainCloud


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Sarah Mubeen


I am a doctoral student investigating biological pathways and networks to better understand how biological processes work and how dysregulated pathways can lead to disease. My research work also focuses on facilitating pathway database interoperability and pathway analysis.


Projects: PathMe, PathwayForte

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Yasamin Salimi


I joined Fraunhofer SCAI as a student research assistant in August 2019. I successfully finished my master’s thesis on “Comparison of Alzheimer’s Disease Progression Patterns Across Multiple Cohort Studies.” I started my PhD studies in November 2020 with a focus in evaluating the Data Landscape in Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Projects: ADataViewer



Astghik Sargsyan


I am currently studying for a Master’s degree in Life Science Informatics at the University of Bonn. I joined Fraunhofer SCAI as a HiWi student in 2019. Currently I am involved in developing semantic technologies - Ontologies and Terminologies.




Philipp Wegner


I'm currently studying Computer Science for a Master's degree at the University of Bonn. I'm working on semantic integration of data from Neuro Degenerative Diseases as well as building and managing Ontologies.


Projects: IDSN


Bide Zhang