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The Bonn-Aachen International Centre for Information Technology (B-IT) has been founded as a inter-institutional academy focusing on information technology. It comprises the B-IT Universities Institute with its master curriculae for "Media Informatics" and "Life Science Informatics" and the B-IT Applied Science Institute with its master curriculum on "Autonomous Systems".

Four institutions participate in B-IT: The University of Bonn, The RWTH Aachen University, The Fraunhofer Institute Centre Schloss Birlinghoven and the University of Applied Sciences Bonn Rhein-Sieg.

The B-IT has been established as a joint venture of the four institutes and offers English language Master of Science (M.Sc.) programs in Media Informatics and Life Science Informatics. SCAI Bioinformatics is participating in teaching and offers practical courses for students of the M.Sc. curriculum for Life Science Informatics. Major topics addressed in our teaching activities include:

  • biomedical data base design data management
  • data retrieval data mining
  • machine learning and biostatistics
  • semantic text analysis/text mining
  • analysis of microarray data (see documentation of related lab course)

Practical courses typically deal with real mathematical and statistical problems that we face in our current projects. Students early learn to work in a scientific project and to address scientific questions by means of development and optimization of specific algorithms and software tools.

In the winter semester, we focus on biomedical information systems and a course on "Basic Life Science Informatics Tools and Techniques" is offered at the end of each winter semester.

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