Projects in the Business Area Multiphysics

Research and Development

Multiphysics simulations still is an open and active field of research with respect to numerical algorithms as well as modelling of the combined physical effects.

In the context of publicly funded projects and in cooperation with partners from industry and academia, the business area Multiphysics works on such open questions. The results and experiences from these projects are integrated in MpCCI software and solutions for industry.


VMAP - Virtual Material Modelling in Manufacturing

Missing software standards in virtual engineering workflows cause huge additional costs at manufacturing companies. Incompatible interfaces for the transfer of virtual material information require complex manual adaptation work, lead to inflexible technical solutions, create loss of information, and finally raise large time delays in the overall design process. The VMAP project will create new concepts for a universal material exchange interface for virtual engineering workflows. These concepts will be concretized in an open software standard. They will be implemented in a number of software tools and the benefits of integrated material handling will be demonstrated by six industrial use cases from different manufacturing domains and industry segments.
Project duration: 09/2017 - 08/2020