Robust Design


We offer robust design studies and solutions for:

  1. sensitivity and robustness analysis, with an efficient reduction of the design space
  2. metamodeling (response surface modeling), and advanced design-of-experiment techniques
  3. multiobjective robust design-parameter optimization
  4. process chains (e.g. metal forming à crash) via PRO-CHAIN strategy
  5. efficient interpolation and visualization of simulation data on fine grids

We offer the software product:

  • DesParO: tool for interactive exploration, visual / automatic analysis and optimization of parameter-dependent applications
  • sensitivity and robustness studies
  • metamodeling (response surfaces)
  • interpolation of parameter-dependent criteria and simulation results, even on highly resolved grids
  • multiobjective robust design-parameter optimization

In addition to DesParO, we offer consulting and customer-tailored software solutions.


  • device optimization and product configuration
  • analysis of process steps and chains, process optimization
  • calibration of material models, (history) matching of simulation models


We participate in several projects. See projects.

Application Areas

  • automotive industry, e.g. crash simulationmetal forming, casting
  • microelectronics and semiconductor physics
  • oil and gas reservoir management
  • chemistry
  • fluid mechanics
  • molecular dynamics
  • and more


The robustness and quality of production processes and products suffers from variations of

  • material properties,
  • process parameters,
  • variations in geometry,
  • and other influences.

Analyzing and controlling the effects of these variations helps to find robust and optimal settings under realistic conditions. Computer-aided robust design and intuitive exploration of design spaces and simulation results thus belong to the most challenging research and development tasks with an extremely high relevance for industry.