Better planning with innovative algorithms

Press Releases / June 11, 2018

How can the enormous challenges of ambulatory care and logistics services be overcome? The software adiuta.PLAN of the Fraunhofer spin-off company adiutaByte (currently in the course of formation) solves complex optimization problems with new algorithmic methods. The founding team from Fraunhofer SCAI presents its solutions on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at the CEBIT in Hanover.

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Graphs can be used to model and optimize tasks in logistics, ambulatory care and warehouse management. The figure shows the merging of various graph layout methods using the example of a Sierpinski-Sieve graph.

SANKT AUGUSTIN. Every day, many people ensure that we arrive on time at our destination, that our parcels are delivered promptly, or that we receive the best possible care and attention. For all these processes to work smoothly, a huge planning effort is necessary. “This planning is still done by hand in many industries,” says Dr. Dustin Feld from the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI. While there is software to help the planner make his work, most programs do not provide any real support or automation in creating the plans.

Feld, who belongs to the team of the Fraunhofer spin-off adiutaByte, would like to support the planners with innovative algorithms in their daily work. In terms of the complexity of the planning tasks, people quickly reach their limits: in addition to the large number of assignments that must be allocated to suitable employees and/or vehicles, there are other influencing factors that must be taken into account when preparing the plans. This can be the current traffic or weather conditions. In addition, the training of employees, various vehicle characteristics, or customer preferences play an important role.

The software adiuta.PLAN shows various alternatives for action, depending on which optimization potentials exist. “Thus, in one application, a tight schedule may be required, while in another application, the stress-free daily routine of employees is in the foreground. In terms of targets, it is possible to distinguish among the shortest, the fastest or the most cost-effective,” explains Feld.


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