Workshop "Data analytics for engineering data using machine learning" – 2024

Data analytics for engineering data using machine learning

Virtual (Zoom)

This three-day online workshop addresses the preparation, analysis and interpretation of numerical simulation data by machine learning methods. Besides the introduction of the most important concepts like clustering, dimensionality reduction, visualization and prediction, this course provides several practical hands-on tutorials using the python libraries numpy, scikit-learn and pytorch as well as the SCAI DataViewer.


Future workshops in 2024


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The workshop consists of three days containing several sessions:

Session 1 (day 1) 09:00-12:30 Introduction to machine learning methods like clustering and dimensionality reduction by means of short practical exercises in python
Session 2 (day 1) 13:30-17:00 Application of the methods from session 1 to numerical simulation data stemming from engineering applications with the help of the SCAI DataViewer
Session 3 (day 2) 09:00-12:30 Introduction to prediction by deep learning methods together with hands-on exercises using the software library pyTorch
Session 4 (day 3) 09:00-12:30 Introduction to interpretability of machine learning methods with the help of the examples from session 3


Target audience

Researchers, students and practitioners interested in new ways to analyze and visualize numerical simulation data

Learning outcomes

  • Basic knowledge on important machine learning methods to analyze numerical simulation data
  • Practical experience in applying these methods


  • Basic knowledge of python and jupyter notebooks


  • Members of EXCELLERAT: 0 EUR
  • Students without master’s degree or equivalent: 300 EUR
  • PhD students or employees at a German university or public research institute: 300 EUR
  • PhD students or employees at a university or public research institute in an EU, EU-associated or PRACE country other than Germany: 300 EUR
  • PhD students or employees at a university or public research institute outside of EU, EU-associated or PRACE countries: 600 EUR
  • Other participants, e.g., from industry, other public service providers, or government: 600 EUR

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is free of charge until four weeks before the workshop. Cancellation after this date will be charged with 50% of the conference fee.