Prof. Dr. Holger Fröhlich


Research interests: machine learning & statistical data mining with application to precision medicine, systems medicine and drug discovery.

DIGIPD, NFDI4Health, VirtualBrainCloud, RADAR-AD, AIOLOS, ADIS

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Mohamed Aborageh


I joined Fraunhofer SCAI in October 2019 as a master’s student and I am currently doing my PhD. My current area of research is the use of machine learning methods for predicting disease progression in neurodegenerative diseases.


Colin Birkenbihl


I am working at Fraunhofer SCAI Bio since 2017. My main research domain is the application of data science and artificial intelligence methods to clinical health data, currently in the context of neurodegenerative diseases.

Projects: VirtualBrainCloud, RADAR-AD

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Jonas Botz

I'm a physicist and joined Fraunhofer in 2022 as a PhD student. My current research interest lies in combining dynamic and mechanistic models (e.g. ODEs) with methods from machine learning to predict, analyze and model pandemics such as COVID-19.

Projects: AIOLOS


Sophia Krix


Coming from neurobiology, I am now using data science and machine learning to tackle biomedical problems. My current project involves drug repositioning using deep learning methods.



Manuel Lentzen


I am a quantitative biologist and joined Fraunhofer SCAI in 2020 as a Ph.D. student. My research focuses on the generation and application of pre-trained language models for German text data from the clinical domain.

Projects: AIOLOS


Thomas Linden


I’m a mathematician and joined Fraunhofer SCAI’s group “AI & Data Science” in 2020 as a data scientist. My area of research is developing methods and models in the field of life science and precision medicine.


Sumit Madan

I'm a senior data scientist/researcher/project manager at Fraunhofer SCAI, passionate about pursuing healthcare and life science scientific challenges that improve the understanding of human biology and diseases. My research mainly focuses on developing AI methods to extract relevant biomedical interactions/relationships from unstructured data (such as scientific literature, clinical notes, and protein sequences).

Projects: AIOLOS

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Hwei Geok Ng

I am a data scientist at the AI-DAS group of Fraunhofer SCAI since June 2021. My research involves applying generative neural network models to synthesize longitudinal patient data.

Projects: NFDI4Health


Tamara Raschka


I am an applied mathematician working in Fraunhofer since 2015, currently doing my PhD. My research focuses mainly on the application of machine learning algorithms to gene expression data and its possibilities for precision medicine.

Zentrum für Maschinelles Lernen, DIGIPD

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Diego Valderrama


I am a biomedical engineer and joined Fraunhofer SCAI in June 2022 as a PhD student. My current research focuses on hybrid AI models to combine machine learning and pharmacological models to predict and analyze the effect of biomedical variables on patients' behavior for clinical studies.

Bachelor & Master Students


Aya Abdelbaky


Zexin Li


Mohamed Maghoub


Danqi Wang


Johannes Wohlenberg