Dr. Marc Jacobs

I'm working for Fraunhofer for more then 15 years as a Computer Scientist in the field of algorithm design and professional software development. My main research interests are information extraction and retrieval in the field of chemistry and pharmacology.

Human Brain Pharmacome, COPERIMOplus

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Christian Ebeling

After several years in the wet lab as molecular biologist I started my career in bioinformatics 2001 as research assistant and main developer of the BRENDA enzyme database at the University of Cologne. Since 2008 I'm working at the Fraunhofer SCAI in the Department of Bioinformatics. My focus is on biomedical knowledge bases and the development of graph mining algorithms.


Projects: PHAGO, Inflammation and AD

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Jürgen Klein


Bruce Schultz

My career initially focused on HIV vaccine research, but now I have transitioned to bioinformatics after joining Fraunhofer SCAI. I specialize in the application, development, and deployment of biomedical knowledge bases.

Projects: Human Brain Pharmacome


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Negin Babaiha

I am a Computer Scientist and joined Fraunhofer SCAI  as a PhD researcher in 2022. My main research is focused around automating the extension, expansion, and updating of biomedical knowledge graphs using Machine Learning/Text-Mining approaches, applied to the field of drug repurposing and drug discovery.


Anoop Johny