Machine learning in biomedicine

The research group AI & Data Science in the business area Bioinformatics focuses on the development of ML algorithms for applications in the pharma- and biotech industry:

  • Reconstruction of biological systems
  • Prioritization of drug targets
  • Precision medicine (the right drug for the right patient)
  • Simulation of synthetic cohorts and studies

Furthermore, since many years ML models are applied for information extraction from biomedical literature, specifically in the research group Software and Scientific Computing in the business area Bioinformatics.

Exemplary projects and our role:

  • ADIS
    Coordinator, ML-Methods for earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
    ML-Methods for earlier detection and monitoring of pandemic situations
    Coordinator, ML-Methods for diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of Parkinson’s Disease
  • The Virtual Brain Cloud
    ML-Modells for modeling and simulation of Alzheimer‘s and Parkinson’s Disease trajectories
    ML-Models for better diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • NFDI4Health
    ML-Methods for generation of privacy preserving synthetic patient data
  • COPERIMOplus (finished)
    ML-based risk models for COVID-19